I’ll be at TCAF this weekend for the first time, so come say hi if you’re in Toronto. I’m tabling with Joseph Lambert, Sean Ford, and Alex Kim at table 160.

Here’s the stuff I’ll have for sale:

Brokenface – A new 12-page mini about that guy with no face who shows up in my strips sometimes. He has no face, and wants one.

Irene #2 – Anthology featuring work by Andy Warner, Bailey Sharp, Beth Hetland, dw, Jonah McFadzean, Marc Bell, Omar Khouri, Sean K, Sophie Yanow, and me.

Irene is edited by Andy Warner, dw, and myself. It’s a rainbow of color, a dream of beauty, a wild bust of lafter ‘an regular hot stuff.

Last Mountain #0 – Collection of three of my short stories. The next issue will debut at CAKE in June.

Ghost Rabbit – A comic about a ghost rabbit, a rabbit, and a little girl.

I think that’s it. See you there?