I have a blog.

If you are reading this, you are probably my friend, or you accidentally ended up here while researching the Scottish genealogies of North Dakota.

It’s my intent to use this blog as a supplement to my website, and to more consistently post my work, thoughts on art things, and hilarious images of cats juxtaposed with text. Like other bloggers, I tend to think a lot of things in a day, and I’m totally convinced that everything I think is so vitally important to the betterment of the human species that I am compelled to publicly document it for all to see.

But mostly this is just shameless self-promotion.

First rule of comedy: Clowns are funny

First rule of comedy: Clowns aren't scary. They're funny

Hopefully more illuminating posts will appear after I’ve gotten this surprisingly awkward first post out of the way. I feel like I’m on a blind date here.

Anyway, I will soon post about some of my current thinkings and doings, which will include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Touring Saskatchewan, teaching art workshops about art with other artists.
  • Jughead.
  • Other things that have nothing to do with the above.
  • The overuse of commas and bullets.

Please enjoy.